Raqeeb is reshaping operational
technology, Internet of things &
Engineering Solutions

Optimizing businesses with digital transformation & turnkey technology solutions to drive socio economic growth.

Our Story

Raqeeb is a home-grown smart-city transformation venture offering advanced technology solutions to drive customer experience by improving process efficiency, bringing ease of use and achieve sustainable goals. We use innovation in AI & IOT to fulfil requirements brought out by smart-city initiatives.

Our vision is to enable a smooth transition from traditional to smarter, sustainable and digitally transformed environment.

Why work with us

We are customer centric

We think and build with you. We are the change you are looking for.

We offer interoperability with premium & scalable solutions

We pursue continuous improvement

We think louder and adapt to dynamic situations

Transform with us!

With our expertise, capabilities & technology alliances, we offer cutting-edge solutions in the domain of security, information & operational technology, extra low voltage and disruptive IOT solutions.

Facility 4.0

It is a smart infrastructure of connected facilities and assets under a centralized platform for enhanced data monitoring, analysis & its monetization to improve the quality of facility management and operations in the real estate businesses. Now, predict your load demand through machine learning and control supply or storage though AI. It is a multi-layer intelligent ecosystem of controllers, modules, sensors, gateways and open-configurable software tools with a layer of digital twins enabling real-time visualizations & KPIs.

  • iBMS
  • Energy Management
  • Cognitive Optimization System
  • Parking Management
  • Lighting control
  • Visitor Management System

Industry 4.0

It is a smart infrastructure of sensors, edge gateways, IoT platforms, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning algorithms to optimize the system and offer data transparency. With the applications of large-scale machine-to-machine communication, cyber-immune systems, cloud computing, digital twins and the internet of things, Industry 4.0 implements rapid changes in industrial applications and manufacturing, impacts production environment, maintenance strategies and offers collective access to big data through various IoT sensors & platforms.

  • IT-OT Integration
  • Asset Performance Management
  • OEE Monitoring
  • Process Parameter Monitoring
  • Utility Monitoring
  • Mobility Solutions/Dashboards & Reporting
  • IIOT Solutions

Smart city

Solutions that are pragmatically chosen with a consumer-centric approach. We customize and craft solutions based on use cases, working capacity and protocol functionality. 

  • Advanced Telematics
  • ESG Solution
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Smart Metering
  • Asset Management
  • Cyber security
  • IOT Platform